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Health and Environmental Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the quantitative or qualitative evaluation of the potential for physical harm to result from a release of chemicals or pathogens. Risk assessment considers information describing an actual or potential release of chemicals or pathogens, the opportunity for human contact with the chemicals or pathogens, the potential level of exposure, the health effects of these agents, and the expected degree of harm.   Learn More

Expert Evaluations

Cambridge Environmental provides critical review and interpretation of scientific studies, data bases, draft guidance documents and policies, proposed regulations, and other documents related to the environmental fate, transport, and health effects of chemicals. Clients use these reviews and analyses to plan regulatory compliance, negotiations, and in litigation.   Learn More

Data Analysis & Statistics

Correct interpretation of experimental and observational data requires not only the specification of the physical situation under observation (that is, some sort of model), but also the realization that measurements are unlikely to conform exactly to that specification.   Learn More

Scientific Support for Litigation

Cambridge Environmental provides scientific support and expert testimony in cases of toxic tort, worker's compensation, liability for environmental clean-up, and cost recovery. We consult on a broad range of issues in environmental sciences and engineering, medicine, public health, and related fields.   Learn More

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting Support

Cambridge Environmental helps clients to comply with local, state, and federal regulations on health, safety, and the environment. We keep current with mandatory and proposed regulations, enabling us to respond quickly and accurately to clients' difficulties.   Learn More

Safety Evaluations

Much of our work involves assessing the safety of food, drinking water, consumer products, homes, work-places, and the larger environment. We have performed these assessments for regulatory agencies, cities and towns, labor unions, manufacturers, community groups, homeowners, real-estate developers, and others.   Learn More